Earth Safe Finishes is my favorite line of green paint by far! Every product I’ve tried has exceeded my expectations. They offer a wide variety of super high-quality tools for the serious artist, and tons of stuff for craft projects too! I love this line because they have pure versions of some of the most offensive art supplies(I’m looking at you gesso!) that I have yet to find anywhere else. Whether you are a child, a crafty adult or an amateur/serious artist, something from this company will probably blow your mind.

It performs well enough that I can paint the way I would if I was using chemical-laden products from conventional art supply stores. It’s a little on the expensive side, but not any more than other high-quality supplies, and I’ll go into cost-effective ways to use this line soon. Most of the products are no-VOC, non-toxic and made in the USA. Since I’m a pretty messy painter, It’s important to have a brand I feel okay about making contact with my skin all the time. I feel totally comfortable using Earth Safe Finishes paint every day.

The last time I checked the website, they were in the process on making some changes. You can still get many of the products on amazon right now!