The sprouted seeds are tall enough to go into the sun now. I’ve found that it’s better to water lightly twice a day rather than heavily once.


One of the most important things about growing barley is air circulation. If you put a small fan in the general area of your growing grass, it pretty much eliminates any chance of having moldy grass. As long as you have good air circulation, you don’t have to worry about mold–and this is coming from a person who has grown a lot of moldy grass in their time!

There are natural products you can buy that are supposed to help eliminate mold, but, in my experience, none of them worked as well as this tiny, cheap, quiet fan. It’s probably been over two years since I’ve seen the slightest hint of mold in my growing grasses.

In a few days (wheatgrass grows fast in the summer), I’ll be ready to cut and juice! Juicing wheat/barley grass is a different process than juicing veggies so I’ll try to be very thorough.

If any of this seems intimidating, it shouldn’t. Once you go through this process a few times, it becomes second nature. I don’t even have to think when I do it. Plus, a tray of growing wheat/barley grass created negative ions that improve the air quality in your home and looks way cooler and more sophisticated than flowers or typical houseplants!