While my wheatgrass is growing, I wanted to start a series of posts about things I’ve tried that have not worked for me at all, despite the almost exclusively positive reviews and information I found when I researched them. If I had come across more varied opinions, maybe I would have been prepared for such a negative result. So this is an attempts to help those who resemble past me at the various stages of my pursuit for better health. This is not to say you absolutely shouldn’t try these things. If you do, I sincerely hope your experience is better than mine. The point is, you will be hard pressed to find anything very negative about them, and I hope my experience will make you hesitate a second before jumping on the bandwagon.

First, Diatomaceous Earth. If you read the reviews on Amazon, you’ll probably be convinced this is a miraculous substance that will cure you of any ailment you could possibly have from brittle nails to intestinal parasites. Plus, it has about a thousand household uses. It kills insects, deworms your pets, and can even be used to polish silver! It’s cheap, comes in large bags that will last forever and will never spoil. Have I sold you on it yet?


My experience

I really wanted this to be all it was cracked up to be. Me and my mother ingested this product religiously for months. It never did anything at all for her. I wasn’t so lucky. I know this sounds crazy, but after taking it for a few weeks I began to feel depressed for no reason and strangely mentally unstable. I never get depressed, and it was a weird, hard to describe feeling–not like the typical blues. I thought this was some strange coincidence, but I quit taking it and then started again three of four times and the effect was always exactly the same. I have no explanation for this.

I thought, as you are probably thinking, that this was some sort of cleansing effect, but I forced myself to take Diatomaceous Earth pretty consistently for nearly a year. the effect didn’t change or lessen at all. I hate that I put myself through that, thinking that it was going to eventually work some sort of cleansing miracle for me.

You may think I must have got a contaminated batch from a questionable company, but I bought from two different companies that I did massive research on. They are supposed to be of the highest quality there is. The disturbing effect was the same no matter which one I took and both were equally ineffective for my mother.

I also tried to use this product for killing bugs. I don’t have carpet and you can’t really use this stuff on hardwood (I admit I should have realized that before I bought it). I tried using it on rugs, underneath furniture, and in the mattress, but that was a huge mess and had no effect on the swarms of various bugs that are a part of living in the south. My pets hated it when I used to periodically rub it all over their coats. And they looked ridiculous– like they had been rolling around in white flour. There was a huge mess all over the floor each time I attempted this, and it didn’t stop the fleas. I tried sprinkling it into their food, but my extremely picky pets never touched it.

So think long and hard before you try this. You might end up with two massive bags of useless white powder sitting under your bed for all eternity.


I have been mixing it into the soil for my houseplants, and I’m going to try to make chalk paint with it so I guess I can’t say it’s been entirely useless…